The contest is over. All the winners are here.

We thank all who shared Christmas joy with us!

Looking forward to the next Christmas.

Happy Holidays!






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Weihnachtspost.ch is about sharing chocolate for your memorable Christmas photos and stories. Follow us and share your photo with a short story via Instgram using #SwissChocolateChristmas in the period from December 4 till December 21 and get a chocolate postcard for Christmas.




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Everyone of us has a beautiful story to tell. Think about memorable things that happened to you in your childhood. Remember unusual Christmas gifts from your friends or your cat that knocked your Christmas tree down. Think about your family where you as a grown-up played a Santa giving away joy and happiness. Share your story with us and we'll reward you with chocolate.





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How does it work?

Follow us and share a photo with a short story via Instgram using #SwissChocolateChristmas. Best photos/stories are picked each day. All winners will be contacted by us. Afterwards, we will send you a chocolate postcard to your home address. Any claims and liabilities are excluded.


Chocolate to win

We would like to thank MyFrey.ch for providing chocolate for your photos & stories.


Our Idea

Chocolate is a magic that brings people together. Christmas is approaching rapidly and we thought that sharing Christmas stories will make people a bit happier. And we would reward them with a chocolate postcard. So we made a website, opened our Instagram and Facebook accounts, found a chocolate maker and got started. Join us and let's share Christmas spirit.


Anything else?

We listen to our audience when choosing best photos and stories. Like your favorite ones!





WEIHNACHTSPOST.CH is a project with the purpose to share chocolate for people's photos and stories for Christmas.




If you have questions about the project please email us at chocolate (at) weihnachtspost.ch





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